Veritas SPN

The evil Veritas, aka Ashley Frank

Veritas (Serinda Swan) is the main villainess from Supernatural episode 6.06, "You Can't Handle the Truth" (airdate October 29, 2010).

Veritas (Latin for "truth") was the Goddess of Truth, and she was summoned by a woman who wanted to know if her boyfriend was cheating on her. Veritas' powers allow the person to hear the truth from literally everyone he or she encounters, until said person commits suicide. She appears under the guise of a news reporter named Ashley Frank, and her newscasts always affect those who are watching, including Dean, who was itching to know the truth about what was wrong with Sam.

Veritas captures the Winchesters after they are caught scoping out her place, and she later forces the truth from Dean, who reveals his true feelings about Sam since he was brought out of Hell. Once she attempts to work her magic on Sam, however, she notices that something's up with him due to her powers not working on him. Veritas is later killed by Sam with a knife covered with canine blood.

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