Vampire girl

Vampire Queen (Elizabeth Gracen) played the evil vampire in the 2002 episode "Bite Me" for the TV series "Charmed". The Vampire Queen was the leader of a clan of vampires.  She could only be vanquished by the Power of Three or by a demon as powerful as the Source of All Evil. By destroying a Queen, it would destroy her entire clan as well.

The Vampire Queen tried to sway Paige Matthews (Rose McGowan) to become part of her clan, with the help of her top minion Rowan. Paige is kidnapped and then turned into a vampire. This was part of a plan to overthrow the Source of All Evil, which at the time was a dominant entity inside Cole Turner (Julian McMahon).

The plan was nearly successful in turning Paige to the evil side.

In the end, the Vampire Queen was vanquished by Cole Turner when he threw a fireball through her chest.

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