The villainous Terry

Terry (Tara Strong) is the main villainess of "Roller Ghoster Ride", episode 1.07 of What's New, Scooby Doo? She designed and ran Thrill Ride Park along with her sister Chris, a grungy cynic who was the complete opposite of the chipper Terry. But beneath her kind exterior, Terry harbored resentment for Chris, feeling that her sister didn't appreciate all the work she put into building the park while Chris took most of the credit.

As a way of getting back at her, Terry dressed up as the Roller Ghoster monster and sabotaging rides. When the Scooby gang began to investigate, she planted evidence to make it look like Chris was the culprit. But later, Terry is caught in a trap while in disguise and is unmasked. The biggest clue was that the green fiber found at the scene of one sabotaged ride was too obvious a clue pointing to Chris's guilt. Due to none of Terry's actions being illegal, the Scooby Gang let her go free, but Chris tells her she's disappointed in her and that she's telling their mother. Terry panics and chases after her, begging her not to tell.



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