Scarlett Betnner

Anti-villainess Scarlett Betnner

Scarlett Betnner (Sarah Grey) is the secondary protagonist and anti-villainess of the 2015 Lifetime film A Mother's Instinct (alternately titled Her Own Justice and In Their Own Hands). She was the teenage daughter of Nora and Chris Betnner and the older sister of Gus Betnner. When outsider Seth Duran became became the Betnner's new neighbor, Scarlett became the unwanted object of Seth's affection, with Seth stalking her at school and sending her frightening messages. 

When Gus suddenly disappeared under Scarlett's watch, she and Nora became adamant that Seth was responsible, with Scarlett even attacking Seth at school in an attempt to make him confess. Later on, Scarlett (begrudgingly) assisted her mother in kidnapping Seth and holding him captive to force him to confess to where Gus was. As her mother began torturing Seth, a remorseful Scarlett became tearful and showed reluctance to Nora's plan, fearing they were wrong about Seth (though her concerns were ultimately ignored by Nora).

Scarlett continued to stay quiet regarding her mother's actions, but unintentionally allowed Seth to escape when he convinced her to open the cage to give him water. When she did, Seth pulled free of his restraints and attacked Scarlett before fleeing the house. Scarlett later tracked Seth down to an isolated house, where she found Gus and realized he had been her brother's abductor.

Scarlett was soon after knocked out and tied to a chair by Seth, who accused her of having enjoyed watching him suffer before gagging her, saying he was giving her "a taste of her mother's medicine". Scarlett was able to break herself free and, along with her parents, were able to subdue Seth and save Gus. The movie ended with the Betnner family reuniting, leaving it unknown as to whether or not Scarlett and/or Nora faced charges for their actions.


  • Sarah Grey later appeared as the villainous Caitlin Spinelli from the 2017 film Story of a Girl and psychotic murderer Nicole from 2018's Hailey Dean Mystery: A Marriage Made in Murder.