Roxanne Tate

The villainous Roxanne Tate

Roxanne Tate (Amy Rutberg) is a villainess from "One Man Band", episode 1.03 of The Unusuals (airdate April 21, 2009). She was the wife of parole officer Wendall Tate, having been married to him for five years. She first appeared in the episode by going to a store that specialized in helping customers commit murder, which had been infiltrated by detectives Leo Banks and Eric Delahoy. After entering the store wearing sunglasses, Roxanne took them off to reveal a black eye, along with stating that her husband was physically abusing her. With her attempt to report Wendall to the police failing and her husband threatening to kill her if she tried to leave, Roxanne decided the only way to escape his abuse was to kill him.

After fully describing her abusive relationship to Leo and Eric, the two went to assist another customer in the store. With the two distracted, Roxanne shoved several bottles of poison into her purse before leaving the store. When the detectives discovered the bottles missing, Leo and Eric were able to find Roxanne's address after searching the NYPD database for Wendall. They went to the apartment when Roxanne was reported to have returned, only for Roxanne to answer the door and revealed that she had already poisoned Wendall--though her joy was quickly replaced with shock when the men revealed themselves to be detectives.

Wendall became angry when he learned of Roxanne's attempt on his life and demanded that she be arrested, with Roxanne stating that she was content with going to prison. But instead, Eric and Leo took Wendall (who was now feeling the effects of the poison) to their car, where they gave him an ultimatum: either he agreed to stay away from Roxanne and they took him to a nearby hospital, or they would take him to one on Staten Island further away. While he initially refused the deal, Wendall came around to agree to their terms.


  • Amy Rutberg later appeared on NBC's Taken as the evil Anna Warren.