Tragic villainess Mona

Mona (Wei-Yi Lin) is the main protagonist and tragic villainess of "Ma", the first episode of the Stage 13 web series Two Sentence Horror Stories (airdate April 29, 2017). She was a young woman who shared an apartment with her elderly mother (who is only referred to as "Ma" by Mona). Things between mother and daughter were quickly established as tense, as shown through the opening of the episode where Ma insists on Mona finish eating the dinner she prepared.

Over the course of the episode, Mona met and eventually began to fall in love with Erica, a new neighbor in her apartment building. But despite Mona's attraction to Erica, her mother's high dependence on her began to interfer with things, eventually causing Erica to believe Mona wasn't interested. After a conversation in the mail room, however, Mona begged Erica to stop before Erica was suddenly pulled back.

This action served as the official reveal that Mona possessed telekinetic powers, which she displayed at Erica's apartment before the two had a tryst. Mona's mother, however, greatly disapproved of Mona's relationship keeping her away from home, with her feelings becoming clear when Mona prepared to leave for a date with Erica rather than watch Ma's favorite soap opera with her. Ma angrily blasted Mona for wanting to leave, calling her stupid and proclaiming that her date would never accept her. As the exasperated Mona began to leave, Ma accused her daughter of being selfish, even going as far as to claim that her father had left them because of her.

Ma's abusive words finally drove Mona over the edge, and she proceeded her powers to kill her mother. Later on, when Erica came to the apartment to check on Mona, she found her lover in the kitchen levitating her mother's rotted corpse (among other items) with her telekinesis, continuing the argument between her and Ma by herself. When Mona sensed the shocked Erica's presence, she turned and sent a knife flying towards Erica, impaling and killing her. After realizing that she had killed her lover, Mona broke down into tears and the final scene of the episode showed Mona sitting at the kitchen table, sharing dinner with the corpses of her deceased mother and girlfriend.


  • Despite having a Freudian Excuse, Mona serves as the first villainess of Two Sentence Horror Stories.
  • Wei-Yi Lin also appeared in the short film Perfect as the evil Mannequin Wan Mei.