Priscilla FG

Villainous (later redeemed) conspirator Priscilla

Priscilla (Ashley Tisdale) was the hidden secondary (later redeemed) antagonist from Family Guy's ninth season opener, "And Then There Were Fewer" (airdate September 26, 2010). She was a newly hired intern at Channel 5 News, and she was encountered by Diane Simmons--who was upset over the impending end of her career and being dumped by James Woods.

Priscilla was enlisted and paid by the heel-turned Diane to seduce James and engage in a relationship with him, as part of Diane's vengeful scheme. While unaware of Diane's true motive and endgame, Priscilla played her part, which included convincing James to become a born-again Christian and make amends with everyone he wronged in the past. The young woman was introduced as James' girlfriend at the actor's gathering at his mansion, where James would make amends to those he plagued, which included the Griffins, Diane, Tom Tucker, Glenn Quagmire, Joe and Bonnie Swanson, Mort and Muriel Goldman, and various other characters.

After Stephanie (Quagmire's date) and James were killed, Priscilla fainted in an expression of shock. When she came to, she spotted Diane taking the knife out of James' body; the same knife she used, and it was at that moment that she realized that Diane had killed James and it was her plan all along. Priscilla attempted to escape, but she was caught by the evil Diane, who slashed Priscilla's throat.


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