Natalie Vasquez

The evil Natalie Vasquez

Natalie Vasquez (Anabelle Acosta) was a villainess from Season One of the ABC series, Quantico. She first appeared in the series' second episode, "America," as a new recruit at Quantico. Natalie had a competitive rivalry with main protagonist Alex Parrish, and in the Quantico timeline, Natalie displays her arrogant heel persona when participating in training activities with Alex.

Nine months later, Natalie graduated from Quantico and became an FBI agent. Later in the aforementioned episode, "America," Natalie turned heel and used her contempt for Alex to pursue her, after Alex was set up as the culprit in the bombing of Grand Central Station. The two women engaged in combat against each other, which Natalie chasing Alex to the rooftop, where Alex subdued the villainess and handcuffed her. As the season progressed, the evil Natalie continued her relentless pursuit of Alex until she finally believed that Alex was innocent, redeeming Natalie.

Beginning with the episode, "Guilty," Natalie contributes to helping clear Alex. In the end of the episode, "Alex," Natalie appeared to Alex with a bomb strapped to her, placed by the real terrorist (later revealed to be Liam O'Connor). Natalie was killed when Liam detonated the bomb in the end of the following episode, "Clear."