Mongo's Henchwomen are secondary female villains in the 1991 Troma film "They Call Me Macho Woman" aka. "Savage Instinct".

Star (Monique Mullen) and "Biker Chick" (Cheryl De La Croix) are both part of a large criminal gang that is run by their leader, Mongo. When heroine Susan Morris (Debra Sweaney) accidentally stumbles upon the hooligans while traveling to see some real estate property, she is forced to evade, and later, defend herself from them throughout the entire rest of the film.

Star 6
Susan is first captured when she enters Mongo's hideout, having mistook it for an ordinary barn. There, she is placed under the supervision of the most prominent female underling in the movie, Star. Star forces herself onto the captive, telling her that if she plays nice, her "short life" will be much easier. When Susan pushes her away, Star grabs a nearby pitchfork and attempts to kill her with it. The two tumble out of a second story barn window, but Susan is quick to get back on her feet. She leaps up and cold cocks Star, giving a victorious "Wow!" as she gets her first taste of fighting back.

Star and "Biker Chick" pursue Susan off and on, but by the time the film ends, they are no where to be found and, with their leader killed, are presumed to have fled.