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Selima (Leontine May) is the evil Princess of Parthia in the 1964 Italian Peplum film, "Triumph of the Ten Gladiators", which was originally called "II trionfo del dice gladiatori". This was the third film in a trilogy of Ten Gladiators.

In the film, the Ten Gladiators are assigned by the consul of Syria to go on a mission as spies to Arbela, a small country on the outskirts of the Roman Empire to learn in Parthia is planning to war with Rome. There they put on a show for Queen Moluya (Helga Line) in the arena. However, Moluya's quests, the Parthians are planning to kill the Ten Gladiators in the arena with trick weapons. Princess Selima pays their opponents to kill all ten of them. Myrta (Halina Zalewska) overhears Selima's treachery and tries to warn her friends. The Gladiators are able to escape with their lives.

Later we see the treachery of the Arimandro (Giovanni Di Benedetto), The Prime Minister and Selima plotting. Arimandro is the fiancé of Queen Moluya, and he tells her of their plan to invade Rome.

The next day during an execution at the arena, the Ten Gladiators kidnap the Queen. However, on their way out of the city, Myrta is captured by Arimandro and his men. She is thrown into a dungeon, and later strapped over a pit with a giant snake and flogged. After a night of torture, Myrta still does not give any information to them. As a result, Selima takes over the interrogation. As the Ten Gladiators come to save Myrta, Selima uses a sword to cut the ropes keeping Myrta suspended over a pit with a giant boa constrictor. However, as she is cutting the last strand of the last rope, she loses her balance and falls into the pit. Selima is crushed to death by the snake.