Pam Warner Villainess

The evil Pam Warner

Pam Warner (Vanessa Vander Pluym) is the villainess from Lifetime's 2015 film, Into Dangerous Territory (alternately titled, Deadly Pursuit). She is a corrupt conservation officer who is revealed to be in league with Izzy, a drug distributor who was running his business at the park.

Pam is also the ex-lover of wilderness guide Reid, who is in a relationship with city girl (and main protagonist) Mia Martin. From the moment Pam first meets Mia, she quickly develops feelings of jealousy and hostility towards Mia--even going as far as making out with Reid in front of Mia in an attempt to break them up. After Mia is held captive by Izzy and Adrian, Pam went with Reid to rescue her, but it was at the scene that Pam's true villainous role is revealed to Reid.

With Adrian killed by Izzy, the evil Pam planned to kill both Reid and Izzy, making it appear that Reid was killed by Izzy, while Pam had to kill Izzy in self defense. Her sinister plan was thwarted when Mia appeared and sprayed a foreign substance in Pam's eyes, which led to Pam accidentally shooting Reid's left leg. The villainess escapes and leaves Izzy to be mauled by a bear, but she later reappeared and attacked Mia, while planning to kill her. Partially blinded, Pam fired various wild shots before she is finally defeated by Mia. Pam was tied up in Izzy's drug room while Mia tended to Reid, and she was later arrested.


  • Vanessa Vander Pluym later appeared as The Queen of Hearts in an episode of The Librarians.