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Felinet, plays one of the human thieves in the the 1996 film, "The Adventures of Pinocchio". Felinet is played by the actress, Bebe Neuwirth. Felinet means cat in Italian.

Felinet, is partnered with Volpe, who is a human Fox (Rob Schneider). The two are major con artists who are always looking for the next profit. She takes on the dominant role while Volpe is a clumsy sidekick. They first appear in town, where they encounter Pinocchio (Jonathan Taylor Thomas). Pinocchio had been separated from Geppetto (Martin Landau), and they were intrigued by the life like puppet. They immediately go and tell the evil puppet master Lorenzini (Udo Kier) who is the owner of the puppet theatre. Lorenzini is the true villain in the film.

They then witness Pinocchio causing mischief in the bakery. The two thieves trick Pinocchio into giving up his coins by taking him to the Field of Miracles near a monastery, where they steal the money. They do this by telling Pinocchio if he buries them in the ground, they will grow into a tree of miracles that will turn him into a real boy. At the end, they are tricked by Pinocchio as he appears to them as a boy for the first time. They have just arrived in the front of their new home with pockets full of gold. Pinocchio tells them that if they take the road 5 miles down to a pool, they will be able to find piles of gold. This is Terra Magica, where the water is cursed and upon consumption of the water, it will turn humans into creatures symbolic of their behavior. It is where most of the boys earlier in the movie were turned into jackasses. In addition, Pinocchio tells them that if they hold a white rock while drinking the water, the rocks will transform into gold.

The next scene, you see Pinocchio outside his house. Across the lane, Felinet and Volpe are on a wooden pull wagon as a real cat and fox. Therefore, they went to the water and were transformed (off screen unfortunately) into their true character (cat and fox). Volpe turns to Felinet and asks "Don't you just hate that kid". Felinet responds, "Not as much as I hate you".