Evil Jo Lupo

The evil Jo Lupo clone

Evil Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) is a villainess from "Mirror, Mirror" and "Double Take," the respective antepenultimate and penultimate episodes of Eureka (airdates July 2 and 9, 2012). She is the evil clone of Jo Lupo, the head of security at Global Dynamics.

In "Mirror, Mirror," a strange video message appears to Holly Marten, who was recently revived when her mind is downloaded into a bio-printed body, and it would turn her villainous and cause her to supercharge Deputy Andy and create evil clones of many of Eureka's townspeople. All the while, a smart-dust experiment goes haywire, and later in the episode, Jo is shown in a forest seeing the smart-dust reflections while looking for sheriff Jack Carter, who was calling for her. She later sees another reflection and voices her fascination over the smart-dust, but at that moment, Jo's reflection turned heel and attacked the real Jo.

Following the attack, the "reflection" is revealed as an evil clone of Jo, with Andy later showing up and revealing that he provided Carter's voice to lure the real Jo to the forest. The Jo clone established her heel persona with a sinister scowl at the real Jo, and afterwards, the evil Jo clone took the real one's place, with her first order of business being having Zane Donovan placed in custody for hacking into DOD--a favor that the real Jo asked him to do for her. The following episode, "Double Take," revealed that the clones were created as part of a scheme to abduct not only the members of the Astraeus crew, but everyone else in the town, as they planned to resurrect the virtual Eureka.

As for the Jo clone, she attempted to lure Douglas Fargo to her clutches, only to Fargo to create an excuse to get away. Zane and Dr. Isaac Parrish built a z-wave amplifier bomb to stop the clones, and in the episode's climax, Allison Blake detonated the bomb inside a cabin where Evil Jo and the other clones were going after her and Carter. The blast took down the clones, who all ended up kept in storage.


  • Erica Cerra played an evil, virtual reality version of Jo Lupo earlier in Eureka's fifth and final season.
  • Erica Cerra also appeared on Reaper as the villainous Nikki Manders, on Sanctuary as the evil Emma Correia, on Warehouse 13 as villainess Jillian Whitman, and later appeared on Motive as the vengeful Diane Torrance, on Lucifer as villainous lawyer Athena Burns, and on Supernatural as the evil Duma.


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