Dianne Hewlett

The villainous Dianne Hewlett

Dianne Hewlett (Megan Gallagher) is the main villainess from "Secret Services," the second episode of Warehouse 13's fifth and final season (airdate April 21, 2014). She is the Chief of Staff for Senator John Wilton, but she was on her way to retiring from her position.

Dianne was later revealed to be part of a conspiracy to set up former senator Dean Kelman, which included a fabricated story that he was having an affair with his aide, Julia Helmsworth, who later went missing. The scandal cost Kelman his marriage and his job, and he ended up committing suicide. Dianne was racked with guilt for her participation in the conspiracy, but she took a villainous method in an attempt to make amends, doing so by killing everyone who was responsible.

Dianne acquired a sword hilt that belonged to Alfred Dreyfus; an artifact that had the power to kill those who lie after looking at it. She used the artifact on Wilton as well as a reporter, and later used it on Ted Simkins, a Secret Service agent and a friend of Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering. Dianne turned heel with her attempt to kill Ted, as it revealed her as the villainess behind the conspiracy and the murders. She later escaped, but not before Pete and Myka learned the truth, that Julia was alive and that Dianne had been sending checks to her.

Dianne was later shown smirking evilly in front of Julia's house, as she held up the sword and put Julia under its control. After entering Julia's home, the evil Dianne tricked Julia into lying, and she begins to cough up water and drown, just like Dianne's past victims. The villainess later puts the spell on herself and lies in an attempt to commit suicide, but Pete and Myka catch her and gained possession of the artifact. Not only was Julia saved, but Dianne was prevented from taking the easy way out, forcing her to answer for her actions.

Trivia Edit

  • Megan Gallagher also played the psychotic Rebecca Rose from the 2001 movie Blind Obsession.


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