Devon Cavanor

The evil Devon Cavanor

Devon Cavanor (Chloe Rose) is the main villainess of the 2014 Lifetime film Guilty at 17 (Alternately titled Breakdown at 17).

Devon was a spoiled, wealthy teenager used to getting her way. When she learns her father will get her a new car in exchange for good CAT scores, she decides to cheat to pass. With the help of her boyfriend Jay, she steals the laptop of teacher Gilbert Adkins, which contains the test answers. After stealing the answers, she has Jay smash the computer to cover their tracks. When Gilbert becomes adamant on finding the culprit, Devon formulates a new plan to stop him.

She falsely confesses to fellow student Traci Scott that Gilbert had sexually harassed her. Traci sympathizes with her and tells her she has to report him. Devon agrees, but asks Traci to come with her and claim she witnessed the harassment, saying that no one will believe her otherwise. Traci goes along with Devon's idea and Gilbert is arrested and fired. He talks to his daughter June, who doesn't want Devon to get away with what she did, to which Gilbert agrees. Meanwhile, Traci is feeling fear over her lie, but Devon convinces her not to worry. But Devon's bragging about getting Gilbert Adkins fired doesn't settle Traci's worries, and she even begins to doubt that Gilbert actually did anything.

Suddenly, Gilbert's body is found in a river in what appears to be a suicide. After reading the suicide note found in his car where he claims he had assaulted Devon, June refuses to believe Gilbert killed himself and works to prove what really happened. June poses as a substitute teacher at the school in hopes of getting information. She bonds with Traci, who is wracked with guilt over Gilbert's death. She eventually convinces Traci to confess and go forward to the police.

Traci tells Devon she is going to confess to the police, which angers her. Desperate to stop Traci from exposing her, Devon has Jay hit Traci with his car. But when Traci survives the attack, Devon calls June and has her meet up in the high school parking lot, where she claims Jay was the mastermind behind everything they did. Jay shows up to hear this and is heartbroken at Devon's betrayal, revealing that she had planned everything (including killing Gilbert and staging it to look like suicide) and that he went along with it all because he loved her. He then pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot Devon, but when June reveals there are security cameras all over the lot, Jay points the gun to his own head and fires. As June calls 911, Devon tells her Jay was lying, seemingly unfazed by his suicide. Devon is then arrested for her false accusations and for plotting Gilbert's murder.