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Chloe Atkinson (Amy Nuttall) is character from British TV show Emmerdale.

The seductive red head was Mercenary, malicious, conniving, Chloe caused mayhem in the Dales by having an affair with her boyfriend's best friend, endangering a baby's life, sending poison pen and faking a pregnancy to ensnare a man.

She finally gets caught out after lying about being pregnant with her former friends love interest just so she could stay with him and enjoys his wealth. Upon her old friend now enemy, Chas finding out for certain she drags Chloe out of her home and has her head dunked infont of the whole village until she admits she isn't pregnant and then pushed back in a fountain where she gets stuck in humiliating fashion. Chloe is then thrown into the back of a taxi and banished forever as she screams in the back of the car as it drives her away.