Bianca Javin (Stella Stevens)

Stella Stevens as "Dragon Lady" Bianca Javin. (lobby card)

Bianca Javin (Stella Stevens) is the evil drug queen in the 1975 film, Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold.

Bianca is the owner of the Dragon Lady Casino in Macao which is a front for her big cocaine operation.  She is a lipstick lesbian villainess who is brutal and deadly to those who cross her, both her minions and her slave girl lovers. 

Secret agent Cleopatra Jones (Tamara Dobson) travels to Hong Kong to smash the drug cartel. She and the Dragon Lady meet in a final, epic fight to the death.

Bianca is stabbed in the stomach with her own sword at the end of the catfight.


  • Stella Stevens also appeared as a similar lesbian villainess, this time in South Africa, hatching a nuclear blackmail plot in "Mister Deathman" (1977).
  • Stella Stevens earlier appeared as Judy, the villainess from the 1960 episode "Craig's Will" in the TV series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".
  • Stella Stevens later appeared as Marcia, a spy for the Nazi's in the 1975 pilot episode "The New Original Wonder Woman" in the TV series "Wonder Woman".
  • Video clip of the climatic fight to the death!: